What happens when world renowned psychic medium Amie Balesky encounters an energy she can only describe as “butt puckering” on her 40 acre property?  She calls in help from Karly and Melissa...

...which can only lead to one thing…

ROAD TRIP to investigate.

Part 1

part 2

Karly and Melissa do a preliminary investigation near a creek that runs through the property, where medicinal plants are found.  Amie’s property happens to be in an electromagnetic hot zone, and these hot zones tend to have more paranormal activity. 

Karly and Melissa meet psychic medium Amie Balesky in person for the first time. Amie details the "butt-puckering" energy she experiences when she walks her 40 acre property. It's particularly unsettling after sunset. Amie purchased the property sight unseen. Despite it's spooky vibe, Amie felt like the house chose her. 


part 3

part 4

 Karly and Melissa conduct a sensory deprivation experiment where Amie wears noice-cancelling headphones and eye mask, enabling her to tune into what ever might want to communicate. Almost immediately, the energy of the surrounding woodlands changed, and at least one murder victim, a two year old little boy, seemed to make his presence known. 

Shortly before arriving at Amie's house, Karly pulled cards. The message: Pay attention to any odd dreams. Amie reveals she recently had a dream that felt like a visitation (lucid and memorable), and exactly what she saw.


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