From our very first moment working together, there was a synchronicity in our shared passion for the mysteries of spirit energy and the stories that beg to be told.

Karly & Meliisa

I find an odd sense of comfort in the macabre; I am particularly drawn to the books and films with the final girl —who has been to hell and back and survives. She's survived her personal trials by fire and came out a little singed, but stronger.

Developing PTSD was a catalyst to change my life; I am forever grateful because it helped me find my voice as a writer.

I am a native Texan, hiding in the AC year-round with my three spawns and polar bear masquerading as a dog. Honorable mention goes to my cat, who insists on being a terror.

Outside of my life as a writer of terrible and occasionally spicy things, I am a tarot reader and medium, specializing in helping the living and the dead better understand their shadow side to find healing. My work all weaves together, creating a tapestry of the human experience and what it means to survive it. 


Karly Latham


"I had to pick up my own damn sword..."

I am a certified paranormal investigator and co-founder of Destination Mystery, a paranormal research group with several published volumes highlighting our case files. I enjoy writing children's books that introduce young minds to paranormal science in a way that lessens the anxiety and fear often associated with the supernatural.

I hold a PhD in Metaphysical Humanistic Science specializing in Parapsychology. I am a regular guest lecturer at paranormal conferences.

You can find me camping, four-wheeling, hiking, and investigating almost every weekend with my trusty sidekick Toby, the ghost-hunting miniature schnauzer with an attitude. My favorite investigation tools are my K2 meter, spirit box, EVP recorder, and my spidey senses.

I believe that there are still undiscovered methods for gathering physical evidence. I continue to experiment with newer technologies to measure and validate the energy of spirit. While solving paranormal mysteries is my passion, I consider raising three amazing children with my husband Chris my greatest accomplishment.


Morgan, PhD

Melissa Morgan, PhD


"It started whenI was 9 yrs old..."

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