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Are you missing your favorite paranormal shows? 

What happens when world renowned psychic medium Amie Balesky encounters an energy she can only describe as “butt puckering” on her 40 acre property? She calls in help from the Death Becomes Us team,  with special guest Adam Berry (Kindred Spirits).

— Nike B.

Awesome podcast!
I love these podcasts I've heard and I know it's only going to get better and better! I will be watching and waiting for more!! I so relate with the topics and the women hosting! Thank you!


— L.G.

Mind blown!
Karly and Melissa set the stage for some really unique conversations! I've been following Amie Balesky for awhile and loved hearing her back story. And, every other guest has been fantastic so far.


— cozy cosette

Best paranormal podcast!
If you're looking for a good paranormal podcast that will keep you entertained, this is it. Would give more than 5 stars if I could.


— Susk-9Z

Very Thorough.
An amazing production! They're very objective, incorporating inclusive topics, and are a fun listen. Absolutely recommend! 

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We're your endlessly curious girlfriends who are always down for an adventure, haunted or otherwise. We don't believe it's always demons, we take a stand for mental health, and we think ghosts are people, too. 

Beckie-Ann Galentine never expected that her passion for haunted history, the paranormal, and her work as a mortician would lead to a platform with a huge audience on social media. 

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